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Sat, 09/15/2018 - 16:55

ADAC Digital Motorsport Cup: MSC Adenau celebrates victory and grabs championship

Pursuer AMC Birkenfeld has to leave springs in turbulent initial phase.

ADAC Digital Motorsport Cup

Fürth, 15.09.2018

That was sovereign! The SimRacers of the MSC Adenau won the last championship race of the ADAC Digital Motorsport Cup on the Grand Prix circuit of the Nürburgring and thus secured the championship. At the absolute highlight of the ADAC SimRacing Expo season, ASC Ahrweiler took second place, followed by HAC Simmern.

The drivers of the AMC Birkenfeld, who came second overall in the Eifel, only finished fifth after an extremely turbulent race for them. That was still enough for second place in the overall standings. Third was the MSC Alzey, who finished sixth in the last individual race.

An hour of thrilling racing action in front of hundreds of spectators on the Ring Boulevard and numerous observers on the PC screens at home: This was the last race of the championship with five race weekends and a total of 17 individual races of the local ADAC clubs, which was held for the first time this year. The local heroes from Adenau started the race from fourth place, Birkenfeld from ninth.

And this advantage should be decisive for the race: While the Adenauer team kept out of all the turmoil of the chaotic, because hectic initial phase, the Birkenfeld team had to take a push and a spin already in the first lap. They immediately fell back to the penultimate place, although they worked their way forward continuously during the rest of the race. But: For the very front it was not enough anymore. The Birkenfeld team was only four points behind in the overall standings in the Eifel.

But there was simply nothing here for them. Also, because the Adenauer did not make a mistake and also the drivers from Ahrweiler and Simmern drove a strong race and kept the competition at a constant distance from the podium places. Michael Baur (MSC Adenau) said: "It was very tight at the start, we got off well and then managed. Of course there was the danger that concentration would diminish because of the lead. But we continued to drive in a concentrated manner." Fabian Klein and Kevin Walter also drove in the MSC team.

AMC Birkenfeld pilot Christian Andreas Franz said: "Everything that can go wrong went wrong with us today". This started with server problems in qualifying, went on to shifting problems at the start of the race and the spin afterwards. Franz went on to say: "We gave everything we had afterwards, but didn't make it to the front again. For him it's clear: "We'll celebrate anyway and will be back again next year".

Marc Hennerici (Head of Sport and Events, ADAC Mittelrhein e.V.) said: "The first year has already worked well for the organisation. For next season we know what we have to improve". As a reward for the thrilling premiere season, each club received six pairs of SimRacing gloves, which were specially produced.


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