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World's best SimRacers

The countdown for the world's best SimRacers at Germany's Nürburgring begins


Between September 14 and 16, 2018, the competitors of the ADAC SimRacing Expo will start their virtual engines once again. Each year, the world's best sim racers compete against each other in the ADAC SimRacing Trophy solo and in the ADAC Digital GT500 long-distance team challenge. The finals of these prestigious eSports competitions will take place on September 15 and 16, 2018.

Angelo Michel ADAC SimRacing Expo

Fürth, 26.04.2018

In late summer of 2018, the international sim racing elite will gather once more for the ultimate showdown at Germany's Nürburgring. The organizers of the ADAC SimRacing Expo are expecting up to 500,000 viewers, the majority of which will connect to the program through its online live stream. To celebrate the Expo, 40 drivers and their virtual GT3 race cars will fight for the top spots of the ADAC SimRacing Trophy. Endurance and tactical skills are requested for those who compete in the ADAC Digital GT500: Up to 30 teams with up to three drivers must prove their mettle in a team challenge that last more than three hours.

ADAC SimRacing Trophy – equal chances for beginners and professionals
Frederik Rasmussen is one of the world's best sim racers and acting champion of the ADAC SimRacing Trophy. Hailing from Denmark, he is a member of FA Racing, the professional eSports team of Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso. Rasmussen thinks highly of the ADAC SimRacing Trophy: "The SimRacing Trophy has turned into a very prestigious championship. It's one of the most challenging competitions in sim racing and it offers one of the few chances to compete with the world's best drivers eye to eye and at the same location."

The ADAC SimRacing Trophy is not just for a select few, however. Between June 9 and 18, everybody has the chance to qualify for the competition online. During this time, the Expo organizers will open up iRacing servers labeled "ADAC SimRacing Trophy". The 40 fastest drivers will be invited to compete in the finals during the ADAC SimRacing Expo at Germany's Nürburgring – the best drivers will be rewarded with prizes worth a total of 9,000 Euro.

ADAC Digital GT500 – a long-distance race with tradition
Six years ago, the GT500 celebrated its debut on the real Grand Prix track of Germany's Nürburgring. 2017 marked the first time that teams competed against each other on a virtual racetrack. The challenge rich in tradition that will demand skill and endurance from the world's best teams returns to the Expo this year, too. Frederik Rasmussen took part in last year's ADAC Digital GT500 as well – his team was one of 32 teams going for the pole position. "A team endurance event raises the stakes at the ADAC SimRacing Expo," Rasmussen says. "It's simply fantastic to race with your team members in a well-organized, high-class tournament, to meet other sim racers and to explore the Expo together."

To qualify for the ADAC Digital GT500, teams have to apply by mail between April 13 and May 4. To do so, the organizers have prepared a registration form at Applications of the top three teams of last year's ADAC Digital GT500 and the top ten drivers of the VRS iRacing GT World Championship after its third round in Monza will enjoy preferential treatment. In this challenge, teams compete for prizes worth a total of roughly 5,000 Euro. Simulation controller manufacturer Fanatec will contribute prizes worth a total of 1,580 Euro.

Interested racers can find all details about the two competitions, the mandatory starting fee and all dates and timelines at


About ADAC Mittelrhein e.V.:
With more than 700,000 members, automobile club ADAC Mittelrhein e.V. includes the geographical regions around Koblenz and Trier as well as Main – the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate – and parts of Rhenish Hesse. A hundred-percent subsidiary of ADAC Mittelrhein e.V., FW Freizeit- und Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH is the organizer of the ADAC SimRacing Expo, one of the world's biggest virtual motorsport gaming exhibits.

About co|wana GmbH:
Based in Fürth, co|wana GmbH is an experienced full-service marketing agency with many years of experience in the electronic entertainment industry. This year, co|wana has been chosen to be one of the partners responsible for organizing the ADAC SimRacing Expo 2018. Other clients of co|wana are Bethesda Softworks, Red Bull and Cooler Master. In addition, co|wana is working in trade fair construction: with its sister company media|lounge GmbH, one of the company's flagship projects is a joint booth measuring 1,000 m² at gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

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