Building gaming PCs and laptops – and the best. For gamers with the highest demands. For gaming without compromises and without limits. We are the gamechanger for high-end gaming systems, with which our customers revolutionize their gaming.


Ready-made PCs can’t compete with home-built ones? Our engineers will prove you wrong. We use only the best hardware from established component manufacturers and the most powerful processors from Intel for our products. All components are designed to work in perfect harmony with each other and are specially tailored to the requirements of gamers.

We prove with every PC and laptop that leaves our manufacturing facility that an unparalleled gaming experience is just a mouse click away. Comfortable like a console, but with much more power.

We change the game of gaming – when will you change yours?


Intel has stood for the best processors money can buy for decades. For us, they are an indispensable partner in our mission to bring you the strongest and most reliable gaming systems. Because: Gaming Happens with Intel.

Your Road to Victory is the new champion forge in the German gaming scene: Show in our competitions that you alone deserve to be the next champion of Your Road to Victory.

Your Road to Victory starts each year with open qualifiers. If you are good enough, a challenging bootcamp with a unique team of coaches and experienced team captains awaits you. There, your skills and willpower will be honed and steeled so that you are ready for the ultimate challenge: the Grand Final.