Grit-Racing is a young garage start-up by Philipp, Philipp & Leon.

We build the G-Seat, which electro-pneumatically presses the driver into the seat, achieving the long-lasting immersion of G-forces.

To achieve this, we have integrated so-called pressure cushions in our seat, which build up pressure on you as a driver via compressed air.

As a driver, you can always feel exactly how much lateral guidance force is acting at which point of each curve and can thus put yourself even better into the simulation and achieve even more consistent and better lap times.

We will exhibit our very first prototype at SimExpo and are looking forward to your test drives and feedback.

At the same time, this also means the start of our crowdfunding campaign, through which the first pre-orders will be accepted.

See for yourself and come to our booth A1.1, or arrange an exclusive test drive with us in Ingolstadt in advance of the show.