ProSimu designs and produces its own actuators, simulators, motion platform for many professions:
– automotive
– aero
– medical
– armed
– maritime
– research and development
– security

Prosimu is an innovative company that design and manufactures motion simulators and electric actuators compatible with automotive, aircraft, space, truck, and R&D software…. It was founded in France in 2009.

ProSimu’s aim is to democratize dynamic simulators and offer complete entry-level, mid-range and high-end solutions for individuals and professionals. Our aim and philosophy has always been to get as close as possible to the sensations of a real pilot.

That’s why we invest heavily in research and development, and why innovation is our core business.

We are the only company to offer a revolutionary 7-cylinder simulator (6 DOF with oversteer and understeer) for training professional car and aircraft pilots in this price range, with performance as close to the real thing as possible (2G acceleration).