Start-finish victory: Maximilian Benecke wins the Porsche SimRacing Trophy | Simracing Expo
Sat, 09/15/2018 - 21:55

Start-finish victory: Maximilian Benecke wins the Porsche SimRacing Trophy

Last year's winner Frederik Rasmussen already eliminated in the quarter finals.


Porsche SimRacing Trophy

Fürth, 15.09.2018

He was one of the absolute top favourites. And exceeded all expectations in the final of the Porsche SimRacing Trophy at the ADAC SimRacing Expo at the Nürburgring: Maximilian Benecke achieved an impressive start-finish victory. Behind them there were some skirmishes.

Moritz Löhner (second) and Jeremy Bouteloup (third) were involved in the skirmishes as well as Mikko Melkkilä (fourth) and Kamil Franczak (fifth). The four didn't give each other anything in their respective duels and thus kept the tension high with hundreds of spectators on the Nürburgring Boulevard.

Because right at the front, at the top, Benecke impressively demonstrated why he is one of the best iRacers ever. The iRacers drove the finale on the sprint track of the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit. Right at the start of the race, Benecke was already outpaced in the Mercedes Arena and drove lap after lap about half a second out on the competition. In the end, he was twelve seconds ahead of Löhner. The fact that the gap wasn't even bigger was due to Benecke slowing down at some point.

In addition to the skirmishes his pursuers were involved in, there was already a violent crash in the first lap in the area of the bit curve: co-favourite Jack Sedgwick rolled over, but was able to continue the race and finished in a respectable eighth place. Tom Vallenthini (ninth) and Nils Koch (tenth) were compassionate in this accident.

Last year's winner Frederik Rasmussen had already finished in the quarter finals. These four races were held in Monza, the two semi-finals in Australia. Around Rasmussen there had been various position fights. The Dane made a driving mistake, got involved in an accident and retired.
It should be the only prominent retirement at the final of the Porsche SimRacing Trophy at the ADAC SimRacing Expo at the Nürburgring this year. Compared to the two previous years this is a great progress. At that time things were much more chaotic, which meant that only a few co-favorites made it to the finals.


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