Who we are and what we do?
PT-Actuator Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer who aimed to provide high ends motion solutions with the trademark PT-Actuator all around the globe, we are background of industrial linear motion techniques and many years of motion platforms business running experience. We are a young team with the spirit to be real, honest and enthusiasm for the innovation. With the fast development of VR technology and simulator business training/esports marketing demand in different fields, we moved our key business and techniques to be fully concentrated on it.

Making simulator with motion is a small step but to make the simulators 100% immersive with motion is a big step that need us to focus on it by entire life. Compact, neat,reliable,non-maintenance are the key notions to make a brilliant simulators. We have all new kinds of motion platform designed and fabricated from 2DOF/3DOF/4DOF/4DOF with TL plus Surge/9DOF tills the end of 2019 and all the key linear motion transmission and reduction gearbox are produced/assembly/QC by our own at workshop.

In the year 2020, PT-Actuator team will continuing to expand motion solutions at simulators and at the same time, we will transferring some of the key motion platform techniques put into real application in more niche market fields, like pilot flight simulation training platforms/medical facility for patient by ambulance balancing system/VIP lounge automatic balancing chair/bed system at vessel.

We are open and delighted to share any of the idea that could benefit from each other.

We believe, innovation and real action will be always the original power to nurture the company and consolidate the mutual trust with our partners.

Join us to be part of our team, let’s work together and make a marvelous machine!