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Welcome to the official ADAC SimRacing Expo press accreditation page! As a member of the press you are cordially invited to participate in this unique event

and gain exclusive insights into the world of virtual motorsports.

Your advantages as an accredited press visitor

As an accredited member of the press, you will have privileged access to a variety of exciting activities during the ADAC SimRacing Expo:


  • Exhibition: Explore the exhibition areas where the leading companies in the sim racing industry will present their latest products and technologies. Attend exclusive product launches and be the first to hear about the latest innovations in the virtual racing world.


  • Interviews: As an accredited press visitor, you will have the opportunity to conduct exclusive interviews with sim racing experts, professional drivers and industry representatives. Take this opportunity to gain insight into the background and future of virtual motorsports.


  • Briefings: Attend special press briefings where you will meet with the organizers and promoters of the ADAC SimRacing Expo. Here you will get first-hand information about the event, highlights and important dates.


  • Press Conferences: Be part of the press conferences where important announcements and news about virtual motorsport are presented. As an accredited press representative, you have priority when it comes to gaining exclusive access to these special events.

Accreditation procedure

To take advantage of press accreditation, please complete our online accreditation form. Please ensure that you provide all the required information so that we can process your application as quickly as possible.


We look forward to welcoming you at the ADAC SimRacing Expo and to experiencing an unforgettable event together. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us anytime by email or phone and we will promptly address your concerns.

Experience the fascination of virtual motorsports

General accreditation rules

  • Submitted name articles, which are intended to support accreditation, must not be older than 6 months.
  • The imprint submitted for accreditation must includeall persons named in the accreditation.
  • Motorsports, SimRacing or E-Sports must make up 30% of the articles or video formats on the articles mentioned for accreditation. These restrictions do not apply to full editorial departments with more than 3 departments.
  • Social media channels mentioned in the accreditation should have at least 1000 followers, visitors or video views on average.
  • Only one accreditation is permitted per publication, this may include a maximum of 2 persons. If additional persons are required at the Expo for video recordings, they must also be registered via e-mail.


  • Submitting the form under the above points,does not claim a guaranteed accreditation.