Accreditation for access to the fair and press materials

Press & Influencers

General accreditation rules

  • Submitted name articles, which are intended to support accreditation, must not be older than 6 months.

  • The imprint submitted for accreditation must includeall persons named in the accreditation.

  • Motorsports, SimRacing or eSports must make up 30% of the articles or video formats on the articles mentioned for accreditation. These restrictions do not apply to full editorial departments with more than 3 departments.

  • Social media channels mentioned in the accreditation should have at least 500 followers, visitors or video views on average.

  • Only one accreditation is permitted per publication, this may include a maximum of 2 persons. If additional persons are required at the Expo for video recordings, they must also be registered via e-mail.