Put together two guys with completely different backgrounds and the same love for speed, and you will have the beginning of a great journey.
One is an ex motorcycle racer with a passion for the track since he was a 10-year-old boy, one is a sim racer who builds his own steering wheels to improve his setup. Mix business acumen with a keen eye for design and BOOM!

We are Cube Controls! A team of 16 passionate people who work (and race) hard every day to bring you the best sim racing steering wheels.

Our goal is to give you the thrill of a real motorsport experience, maybe your cars are virtual but the adrenaline is real! It’s all about performance. We want to give you the same excitement of a real-racer and feel the precision of a real steering wheel, for that extra mile, that gear shift at the right time that makes the difference.

For a unique feeling, you need a unique wheel made and designed in Italy. Quality materials and innovative technology are what make the Cube Controls collections so special. All the wheels are hand-assembled, hand-checked, hand-packed one by one: an artisanal production to pay extra attention to each detail.