In 2020, GSI hit the ground running with the launch of the Formula Pro Elite, a product that soared beyond our expectations, fueled by our customers’ enthusiasm and insights. It’s with that feedback that today we introduce a new era with the FPE V2! Meticulously refined and perfected, its compact design at 300mm and a light base weight of 1.42 kilos make it a standout. The custom 6.5nm rotaries redefine tactility, and the programmable LEDs offer endless customization. Constructed with only the finest materials for the serious sim racer, we don’t make plastic toys. Priced starting at $1250, the FPE V2 isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to GSI’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

Introducing GSI AeroFlex Gloves

Engineered for excellence with top-tier breathability to keep your hands airy, comfort fit fabrics that mold perfectly to your hands, and a superior silicone non-slip grip for unwavering control. They’re not just gloves; they’re a game-changer! In stock and ready to ship!