We design racing simulators and motion systems that bring the race track right into your home.

Novus was born in 2021, but for a small and passionate team, the dream of this has existed for much longer. It all started in the backbone of Novus, in Zustal, a modern family CNC technology and welding company based in Slovenia, operating in Europe. With all this know-how, racing enthusiasm—and a few Superbike championships won—comes the challenge of providing our future customers with complete immersion in the most realistic simulation experience.
After years of testing and innovation, we finally unveiled a complete racing simulator, built from the ground up using top-shelf components and set out on a simple mission – to raise the bar for sim racing by providing you with the best gear our tech can deliver.

Pushing the limits
We put our backs into constant R & D to make Novus racing simulators and components the most innovative out there.
Our products start as ideas, experiments in form and function, then go through rigorous testing and get built in our in-house production facilities. Keeping everything under one roof, we ensure our customers always have a tried-and-true experience.

User-centered design
We believe user feedback, fused with our technical and racing skills is fundamental for the evolution of products that resonate with customers.
This user-centric approach gathers client data, considers market and technological constraints, and transforms it into a solution that benefits the user at every interaction.

Top of the line
Because we understand that every detail is crucial, we only use high-performance materials and meticulously hand-weld them together into beautiful pieces of machinery.
By continuously tweaking our products and processes, we’re upgrading and optimizing our solutions, keeping us one step ahead of our competition.