Venym was born on the Nevers-Magny-Cours circuit, the cradle of the automobile in France, by a team of enthusiasts from Mygale and its 3 years of experience in motor sports. Venym is the assurance of high performance equipment, tested and approved by the greatest drivers and designed by automotive engineers specialized in competition. Our Venym pedals (aluminum and carbon) dedicated to sim racing are the first pedals designed in France to be inspired by the design and technologies found in F1 cockpits. Venym pedals have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements of sim racing enthusiasts. Developed using Mygale Technology, a cutting-edge technology used in all Formula 4 and Formula 3 Regional cars, Venym’s aluminum and carbon pedals combine impeccable design, finish, and precision to provide unique sensations during your sim racing races.

As the line between the virtual and the real is getting closer and closer, we have surrounded ourselves with the best engineers, drivers and esport teams in order to offer the most galvanizing racing experience. After months of research, we are proud to offer you our range of aluminum and carbon pedals, the most accomplished and performing at all levels. Innovation and performance are two key words in Venym’s motto. Our pedals meet the highest standards of quality: machined aluminum or carbon pedals, an electronic board designed and manufactured specifically for Venym in France, as well as our software developed in-house. From racing to simulation, we are dedicated to one goal: Winning.