Absolute Motorsport ASD is an Italian reality born in the Esport world on all simulators on the market with strong competitive skills on iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione.
At the base of the team are the drivers and our sponsors to whom we can provide ample visibility with on-site events and on our liveries during the championships in which we participate. Absolute Motorsport allows us to approach different world realities that provide us with material for Simracing and allows us to create a high-level technological package that provides sensations and competitiveness even at the first approach.

Acelith Simracing is our biggest partner, we believe a lot in this company because it can create excellent products for all kinds of people.
Srp has supported us for 2 years now as our second largest partner, he was with us last year at adac 2022 and we are happy to have him and his products again this year.
Res-tech, who doesn’t know the legendary Mattia Pasini? This year our stand will be filled with their driving stations, 2 static and one dynamic, we can’t wait to let everyone try these products.

Cammus, an up-and-coming company in the field of Directdrive with excellent products, will be mounting 15 nm bases on all the res-tech driving stations to let everyone experience the great feeling these fantastic bases give.