Caseking is a leading European distributor of exclusive top brands and a renowned online-retailer for unique and extravagant computer hardware and accessories, founded in 2003 and continuously growing. Headquartered in Berlin, Caseking’s base of operation is a vast modern logistics centre of 10.000m² storage area in the Charlottenburg district.

As the name Caseking suggests, a plethora of the eponymous PC enclosures in varying forms and fashions play a central role in Caseking’s product range, which is supplemented by a large array of modding items for individualisation purposes and personal design.

Yet, the shop’s assortment also encompasses a wide range of general computer hardware along with top-grade gaming peripherals and is steadily enhanced to this day. Caseking strives to always deliver cutting-edge hardware and exceptional high-performance devices to their target audience in the enthusiast and gamer markets.

With its King Mod, 8Pack and der8auer sub-brands, the company is offering popular products for performance improvement (pre-overclocked components) as well as noise reduction (water cooling, silent air cooling, soundproofing materials) and powerful manually assembled gaming PCs.